Classic Grilled Cheese

Classic Grilled Cheese

Classic grilled cheese

Who’s on the lookout for food with hot melted cheese?
Us, everyday. If all you have in your pantry is butter, cheddar and sourdough bread, you too can feast on an all star sandwich oozing with molten cheese. We’ve broken down what we think is the best technique for buttery goldenness and lots of perfectly melted cheese. Grilled cheese sandwiches are so simple and if made using the method below, totally killer. The key is patience. And with only 3 ingredients, it really doesn’t get any easier than this!

yield: 1 grilled cheese sandwich
cooking time: 15 minutes

  • 2 slices of For the Love of Bread whole wheat sourdough sandwich bread
  • salted butter
  • 50 grams of cheddar cheese, grated

Heat the skillet over medium heat. Spread butter evenly on one side of the bread slices, be generous and let the butter get into every nook and cranny. Place the bread, buttered side down in the pan. Once golden and toasted (about 2-3 minutes), remove the bread slices from the pan. Butter the non-toasted sides. Now place one slice in the pan, non-toasted side downwards. Place the grated cheddar cheese on top of the bread (you are placing the cheese on top of the toasted side). Place the other slice on top (non-toasted side upwards) to create the sandwich. Essentially the two toasted sides will be facing inwards and the non-toasted sides will be facing outwards. This ensures complete toasting on all sides! Let the bottom slice toast till golden brown. Flip the grilled cheese over and let the other side toast till golden brown. With a spatula, use pressure to press down on the grilled cheese. Flip the sandwich over an additional time and press down with the spatula again. If you notice the grilled cheese browning too much, turn the heat down. The whole process should take around 7-8 minutes to ensure a golden crust and oozing melted cheese. Be patient, it’s worth the wait!

To serve

  • Serve with crunchy potato chips and a dill pickle (no judgement if you put some chips inside!)
  • Also great with a cup of hot tomato soup, for an alternative side.